[TYPO3-english] realurl + .htaccess rewrite rule

horace grant horace3d at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 22:34:48 CET 2010


i have my typo3 installation in a subdirectory /cms/ and i am using realurl.

in the root directory i would like to add a .htaccess file with a rewrite
rule so that /cms/ isn't visible anymore to the visitors. the .htaccess
currently looks like that:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/cms/
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /cms/$1 [L]

of course now the problem is, that if i change my config.baseURL to
instead of
then realurl doesn't work anymore.

how could i solve this? can anyone give me any tips? i find this .htaccess
stuff quite confusing (i do understand regular expressions in other
scripting languages though).


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