[TYPO3-english] typoscript: How to add a userFunc property to the config.baseURL property?

Kay Strobach typo3 at kay-strobach.de
Mon Nov 29 16:06:14 CET 2010


you can write a small plugin which sets this property.
You can find it in the $TSFE

I do it with a little constant which is set in the Domains pagetemplate ;)

Best regards

Am 29.11.2010 15:48, schrieb Daniela Waranie:
> Hi all,
> i have RealURL running and a very long list of subdomains. The server is
> configured to lead all subdomains (*) to the TYPO3 instance. For each
> subdomain a typo3 domain record is defined in typo3 - introduced /
> modified by an external programm. RealURL requires to set config.baseURL
> to have all relative links (CSS, JS) working.
> To have a long list of typoscript conditions like this is not good,
> because i can not add the typoscript progammatically:
> [globalString = ENV:HTTP_HOST=sub1.mydomain.com]
> config.baseURL = http://sub1.mydomain.com/
> [...]
> [end]
> The config.baseURL expects to get a string, but i want to have it more
> flexible. I want to have the HTTP_HOST (input) to be checkt against the
> typo3 domain records and is exists then use the subdomain as baseURL,
> else use a default URL. (Input check is not my problem)
> But how to extend the config.baseURL property have a userFunc result as
> its value.
> E.g.
> config.baseURL = USER_INT
> config.baseURL.userfunc = myclass->subdomainBaseUrlFunction
> Sure this would lead into a core hack (or similar), but that is ok for me.
> How to add userFunc support to the config.baseURL? What file to edit?
> Code example available?
> Please help
> Daniela Waranie

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