[TYPO3-english] mm_forum compatibility

Jan Bartels j.bartels at arcor.de
Mon Nov 29 00:06:16 CET 2010

Am 26.11.2010 18:13, schrieb Michael Lykke:
> I'm having difficulty getting mm_forum v. 1.9.1 to work with TYPO3 4.4.
> Does anyone know if mm_forum is only compatible with Typo3 4.2 and
> lower? I found an old post about this but only one so I'm not sure if
> this is really the case. Please help!
mm_forum 1.9.1 is running under Typo3 4.4.x without any problems.

Please check your RealURL-version and RealURL-configuration. The 
supplied configuration is working with RealURL <= 1.8.x only. Disable 
the mm_forum-section in your RealURL-configuration if necessary.


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