[TYPO3-english] Problem with user permissions possibly?

Dayle Rees dre at llgc.org.uk
Tue Nov 23 11:17:12 CET 2010

Dear all,

After upgrading from 4.1 > 4.2 > 4.3.8 and tt_news to 3.01 we encounter 
the following scenario/problem!:

Logged in as a low lever user in our custom draft workspace I create a 
new tt_news record through the following process:

 > List view
 > News detail
 > New tt_news record (default language)
 > Insert header, subheader and text content
 > Add category
 > Save

Category disappears every time the record is saved after adding

 > Language menu
 > Create new localised record [NEW]

This results in a blank screen and the record is not created

So instead:

 > ‘Localize to’ in list view.

In alt lang record categories section the message 'The translation 
original of this record has no categories assigned.[English ()] 

Also the Display Version is now ‘1’ and not ‘V’ as it always has been.

When the records are published the category and version appear as they 
should in the draft and live view.

Anyone know if this is a user permission problem or a bug?

Sara Weale.

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