[TYPO3-english] typo3 4.4 BE webkit com.apple.quarantine

Felix Feierabend ff at dreimorgen.com
Mon Nov 22 15:20:57 CET 2010

Ok i  try to be less confusing but its kind of hard because the topic confuses me as well.

Server running Apache
Client running Safari on Mac OS X

Stuff i Know:
Apple Safari does this thing where each file wich is downloaded from the web gets an attribute appended (it some kind of meta-information --> xattr)  the attribute is called com.apple.quarantine.

When i use Safari to login to the new Typo3 4.4 BE some styles are missing. Its not "blank" as If there were no stylesheets but broken. 

in typo3temp/compressor/merge-XXXXXXX.css there are weird lines with wrong character encodings. mostly the only readable part is "com.apple.quarantine" these lines are written everywhere in this css file.

What i think is happening:
When opening the BE the "merger" is activated. To merge all those css files it needs to "download" them first. this is were those lines sneak in. then when merged they may falsely be interpreted as css code and printed in the merged-XXX.css file.

The only thing i found googling on this matter was this transcript from the typo3 irc but with no solution.

unfortunately right now i have no example data. It works since i deleted these lines per hand and i kind of dont want to do this again. ;)


Am 22.11.2010 um 11:21 schrieb Steffen Gebert:

> > The reason i think this happens is the meta attribute com.apple.quarantine which is appended to files you download, so that Mac OS X can spit out a warning.
> What? Slowly please.. what "meta attribute" are you talking of?
> It is appended by the server? Does your server run MacOS?
>> I found a workaround in editing the file typ3temp/compressor/merged-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.css and deleting all those lines wich say com.apple.quarantine.
>> but if i were to delete the files in compressor typo3 would merge them again with the same mistakes.
> There should be no such lines.. however they get there. They get into the CSS? But are not valid CSS expressions and thus cause errors?
> Sorry, please be more explicit, I don't understand anything ;)
> Please provide some example data, sounds very weird ;)
> Kind regards
> Steffen
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