[TYPO3-english] Copying Typoscript objects

Theodor With theo at bellenett.no
Fri Nov 19 12:00:05 CET 2010

> I want to be able to set plugin.tx_powermail_pi1.email.sender_mail to the
> value of lib.getEmail
> I have tried:
> sender.email<  lib.getEmail
> sender.email.value<  lib.getEmail
> any many other conbinations

If sender.email is of type stdWrap, you should try the cObject property. 
This "executes" the configuration in lib.getEmail. Something like:
sender.email.cObject = lib.getEmail. Sorry I don't have time to look 
into the code right now, or verify the exact spelling, but if you look 
for cObject in the TSRef (start with stdWrap property at 
you'll be on your way.

Theodor "Norwebian" With

Theodor With
Bellenett DA

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