[TYPO3-english] Getting to grips with Intro template

Martin martin at theoldecookerybook.com
Tue Nov 16 17:35:00 CET 2010

Still trying to understand the Introduction template.
Used on http://www.theoldecookerybook.com
As you can see - the three pages you can go to, have border at the 
bottom of varying thicknes (from not-at-all to pretty-thick).
What I don't see is what governs this from page to page?
Again, I've stumbled along editing the template html, css and whatever 
I can find, but whitout a proper result.

Any pointers as to what I should be doing (well, apart from reading up 
on how templates work then...)


Martin S 
The Olde Cookery Book
Your source for recreational cooking & brewing

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