[TYPO3-english] Typo3 Element browser - change width?

Stefan Frömken firma at sfroemken.de
Tue Nov 16 13:22:32 CET 2010

Am 16.11.2010 13:11, schrieb Morten Kjems:
>> There is no setting for that.
> OK.
>> As you can see 650:600 is hardcoded.
> Anything wrong in changing the values?
Feel free to change it or create a feature request if you want an easier 
possibility in the next versions.

BUT:If you do an TYPO3-Update all changes will be overwritten.

Maybe there is a second possibility, but I have never done it before. 
There are some new methods in API to add JavaScript files  in front and 
behind the code. So...copy JS-Function (see my first post), modify it 
and make use of one of these methods in API to insert JS-Function behind 
code. The original JS-Function will be "overwritten" with new one.

As I told you: Maybe!


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