[TYPO3-english] R: hmenu including *only* not in menu items

De Contardi Riccardo Riccardo.DeContardi at bhuman.it
Tue Nov 16 09:59:03 CET 2010

I think this should be the same:

allStdWrap.if.isTrue.field = nav_hide

best regards
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?Perfect, thanks for that Joey.  For the benefit of anyone else looking to do this:
    NO {
      allStdWrap.wrap = <li>|</li>
      allStdWrap.if.value.field = nav_hide
      allStdWrap.if.equals = 1

 - is all that's needed.


"JoH asenau" <info at cybercraft.de> wrote in message news:mailman.1.1289748991.27547.typo3-english at lists.typo3.org...
>> In older version of TYPO3 when the 'not in menu' doktype existed it 
>> was possible to build a special HMENU *only* from pages with 'hide in 
>> menu' set, by setting
>>   excludeDoktypes >
>>   excludeDoktypes = 1,2,3,4,6,7,199,254,255
>>   includeNotInMenu = 1
>> It's useful being able to do this from time to time, but I can't see 
>> a way to do this in newer versions though now that the 'to in menu'
>> doktype doesn't exist - is there a way to achieve the same thing?
> You could add allStdWrap.if to the different item states and check for 
> the value of the checkbox "not in menu".
> Works for both TMENU and GMENU.
> Cheers
> Joey
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