[TYPO3-english] Is felogin redirect bug solved in Typo3 4.4.2?

Benoit Montereau bmontereau at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 02:13:50 CET 2010

My installation (Typo3 4.4.2 and felogin 1.3.0) does not seem to work fine
with redirection done after login. I've setup redirect at group and user
level, but the expected redirect (first group redirect if exists or user
redirect) is not done.

I found a lot of post regarding bugs in 4.2 but everything is supposed to be
solved in 4.3 or later. Could someone let me know if these bugs are relay
solved and/or what can be the point making my redirect not to work (I think,
I'm realy making basic stuff with login/redirect).?
Thank you in advnace for your help.

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