[TYPO3-english] ext comments_ic - do not show anything when "disabled"

Søren Madsen sma at science.au.dk
Mon Nov 15 10:12:51 CET 2010

On 15/11/2010, at 09.19, Dmitry Dulepov wrote:

> Hi!
> Søren Madsen wrote:
>> I'm using Dmitry's comments_ic with tt_news, and everything works great – but I have a very simple inquiry/prayer/wish:
>> When I choose to "disable" comments for a tt_news record, I do not expect a message with the wording "Commenting has been closed" to appear.
>> If I disable comments - I expect nothing regarding comments to appear. Disabling/enabling OR Closing comments are two different scenarios.
>> Did I miss the option for not showing anything when comments are disabled?
> I thought about that too but I decided to leave that message on because users may wonder why they can't comment. I thought it might be more friendly to tell them that commenting is closed.

In my experience some vocal users will get provoked by the word "closed". Wordpress and the like outputs nothing if commenting is disabled - but outputs something if commenting is closed. 

> I do not remember details about that extension but it could be possible to customize the message (set it to empty, for example) through the template or TS.

I've been looking, but sadly there is no way to configure this with TS (comments_ic has no configurable TS at all - it just extends the tt_news flexform). I can remove some of the output by removing template parts - but then I also remove the output for when commenting has actually been closed - and not just disabled. So - if you feel like opening this at some time again, please add this to the wish list; to be able to distinguish between closed comments and disabled comments (could "just" be a new template part that could be edited to output nothing for when comments has been disabled for a record.)

>> Kind regards – and big props to Dmitry for giving so much to the community,
> :)

Well - it can't be said enough times, my friend. Many of the really useful and powerful extensions that we all use, can be traced back to you. As with TYPO3 core work. So - I at least wouldn't leave you with the feeling that the community is ungrateful - we are very thankful. 

> -- 
> Dmitry Dulepov

Kind regards,
Søren Madsen


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