[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 4.4.2 RTE very slow compared to 4.3.2

Steffen Gebert steffen at steffen-gebert.de
Fri Nov 12 13:22:49 CET 2010

>> next time post the link to the page of the BT as this really would help,
> yes, thats right,
> please dont load us with more wasted time for search,
sorry for taking your time

> please post the link directly,
> that does help much more than all suggestions

I was too lazy and had no time, sorry for just writing *anything* and 
pointing you back to the BT, where I know the answer was.

Don't know, what's so hard to enter "chrome" in the search form. Both of 
you aren't that new to TYPO3.

Search for chrome:

Find "RTE won't load in Chrome7"
on place 6

As Xavier pointed out: Already fixed, will be released with the next 
versions of 4.3-4.5

Kind regards

Steffen Gebert
TYPO3 Core Team Member

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