[TYPO3-english] mm_forum search does not work for non latin text

Stefanos Karasavvidis sk at isc.tuc.gr
Fri Nov 12 13:12:47 CET 2010

I've installed mm_forum and I;m trying to enable the built in search
engine. I have indexed the forum by clicking manually on the index link
in the search forum.

But it seems that only latin words are indexed, whereas my forum is
primary a greek forum. Non of the greek terms I put it produce any results.

I checked the table tx_mmforum_wordlist (I think this is where the terms
are stored) and there are indeed only latin words in it. No greek words
at all (and 9 of 10 posts in my forum are in greek)

Is there any special configuration I have to do for this to work?


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