[TYPO3-english] How can I make extandable TCA ?

Dawid Pacholczyk dpacholczyk at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 12:16:34 CET 2010

Hello List,
 I have a big problem or even two problems.

I need to make an extensions that provides for my website something similar
to translating content but I need to "translate"/change content base on
portals on one instalation :)

So for exampla I have one instalations of TYPO3 where I`ve put 2 websites (2
domains). I have also a sysFolder of shared content. I want to make for one
article 2 titles which depends on domain/portal. So I would like to have 2
titles inputs (same thing like in translating content - I have one input for
default language and one for the second language). Is it even posible ?

Second thing is. How can I change behaviour of saving records ? For example.
I`m adding new tt_news. How can I change the that it is stored. How can I
change how the records (not only tt_news) are stored when I`m adding it via
for example List view in BE ??

Best regards,
Dawid Pacholczyk

Dawid Pacholczyk
tel: 502-054-334
gg: 5564051
skype: dpacholczyk
http://typo3blog.pl (only polish version at the moment)

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