[TYPO3-english] strange results after upload

Santiago santi013 at arcor.de
Mon Nov 8 09:56:22 CET 2010


my extension uses the same template for list- and detailview - both views work 
as expected locally.
Then I created a t3x-Version, which I installed at the real website and 
uploaded the template-files via typo3-filelist upload.

Now it happens, that the listview works, whereas the detailview shows the 
template with the image replaced only - all textmarkers keep unresolved.

I suspect some trouble with codepages/character handling - but I really have 
no idea where to search for the error. The downloaded template matches my 
working variant and both typo3 installations are 4.4.4 on utf-8 systems.

Ok - the main difference I know - the real website is an installation from 
introduction package, whereas my local develop installation is from the dummy 

Any ideas, how I could locate and eliminat the problem?

kind regards


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