[TYPO3-english] need help on customizing TCA

Santiago santi013 at arcor.de
Fri Nov 5 19:12:59 CET 2010


thank you very much for your support!

> At least as far as "divider2tabs" is concerned, it belongs to the "ctrl"
> section, but the placement inside that section does not matter.

OK, that might help a bit.

The TCA looks like (myx is the name of my extension):

$TCA['myx'] = array(
 'ctrl' => $TCA['myx']['ctrl'],
 'interface' => array( ... ) ...

most entries are at level of ctrl or interface, so I placed it wrong.
What does the second line mean? Isn't it a circular reference?
I guess the ctrl-section is empty at that stage and I don't see any entry for 
that section.

So would it be right to code something like:

$TCA['myx']['ctrl']['divider2tabs'] = 2;

The TCA seems quite a bit complex.

kind regards


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