[TYPO3-english] Wrong filepath in media content element

Erwin de Jong dejong.erwin at windinternet.nl
Wed Nov 3 09:51:04 CET 2010

Hi group,

I've been experimenting with the media content element for the first 
time, and I'm having a small problem.

I'm doing this on my localhost server, so I can't give an address to 
show what goes wrong, but here's what I did and what happens.

I wanted to embed an MP3, so I uploaded this through filelist into 

Next, in the content element I can select this file just fine, I check 
Use Player, I set Media Type to audio, and Render Type to Auto.

The Flash player then gets displayed just fine, but the path to the MP3 
file in both the Flash params and in the Javascript is wrong.
What I get there is ../../../fileadmin/user_upload/<MP3-file>
When I remove ../../../ with Firebug everything works, so that's really 
the only problem here.

I'm probably overlooking some base path setting or something somewhere.

Can anyone help me with this?


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