[TYPO3-english] redirect extension?

Sandy Matheson lists at mathesonuk.com
Tue Nov 2 11:21:00 CET 2010

> So how do we allow our client to make up urls and then have them redirect to an existing  (typo3) page?
> real example:
> http://www.controleng.com/advertise
> which is a URL (that currently 404's) they put in their Media Kit  needs to redirect to:
> http://www.controleng.com/about-us/advertise

I may be missing something here but isn't there a simple way to do this 
with page shortcuts - which is what we do. So:
Redirects to:

This can be done by anyone who has the editing rights to create a new 
shortcut page (and then set it not to show in the menu).


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