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Douglas La Farge doug at gcnpublishing.com
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I get where you are coming from.  However, here's the problem.  This is no longer a sysadmin job.  The client, which we (the sysadmins) are turning of duties to, is not allowed sysadmin tasks.  They are not allowed to edit .htaccess, they do no have SSH access, they cannot edit httpd.conf or restart apache.

So how do we allow our client to make up urls and then have them redirect to an existing  (typo3) page?

real example:


which is a URL (that currently 404's) they put in their Media Kit  needs to redirect to:


It's more important for us to give our client the tool they need to do this on their own than it is to worry about bouncing a redirect off of typo3. of course if there is a way to give the client a tool to do this that doesn't involved firing up typo3 we're all for using it.  Though the client is probably expecting access to said tool via typo3.

I'm am glad you brought up the GIF though. that was the next task ;-)

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inmon_redirect no docs, not clear on how it works.
fb_old2new_redirect - followed directions, doesn't seem to work (lays on the couch all day eating potato chips)
ods_redirects - also doesn't work (but at the very least went out and got on unemployment insurance) 

On Nov 1, 2010, at 2:44 PM, Jigal van Hemert wrote:

> Hi,
> On 1-11-2010 21:43, Douglas La Farge wrote:
>> A user needs the ability to configure redirects.
>> we've been doing it for them via .htaccess.  this won't work for the
>> user so I went to the repository to look for an extension that might
> Why on earth would you start the entire TYPO3 just to do a redirect??
> What's next? An extension to serve small static GIF files?
> It's more a sysadmin thing, but I think that something like mod_alias offers simple redirect commands.
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