[TYPO3-english] content-handling with TS

Santiago santi013 at arcor.de
Mon Nov 1 14:18:42 CET 2010


thank you for your reply.

> Out of the box you can just get the items with appropriate start-/endtime
> settings, since both fields belong to the so called "enable fields".

Yes, I know. 
My question is: is it possible to NOT use the enable fields for certain FE-page 
like the backend does.

> So if you want to add start-/endtime for some of the visitors only, you
> should go for the "Insert Records" element.

Sorry, but I don't understand, what "insert records" means.

The dates (I need 2 like in enable fields) should be shown to the visitors, but 
they should be used in queries too, like the enable fields for certain pages.

Or said it in other words: the use of the date-fields in the query as 
enablefields should depend on the page, that queries the items.

> You can refer to another content element within this element and provide the
> time settings for the "Insert Record" element itself, while leaving the
> original element "clean".

I see - I should use different fields with same semantic.

... but how can I implement that in TS?

The backend-form for content-items does not contain fields, I could missuse and 
I'm not very happy with telling the editors that they should not use the 
datefields, but use other fields as date fields.

You said, that it is not possible "out of the box".
What do I have do patch to make this happen?

kind regards


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