[TYPO3-english] content-handling with TS

Santiago santi013 at arcor.de
Mon Nov 1 13:47:06 CET 2010


thank you for your attention.

> > But if I add something at location 5 or 20 it comes once a page before or
> > after all content-pieces.
> I personally don't understand what what the problem is. Can you try to
> rephrase it or state what are the current results and what are the
> expected results?

The problem was, that I did not know, what I was looking for.
Now that I found it - its all easy :)

I did not get rid about "renderObj" - there's nearly no description in TSRef 
and I got the importance of that item accidentially reading about a totally 
different issue.

Anyway - meanwhile I learned to use the object-browser and debug:data so I got 
a big step further.

What I did not found out yet:
- how can I fetch content-items without caring about start- / endtime like the 
backend uses on preview pages - or more precises: I have content items in a 
sysfolder and several pages that use this folder. So most pages should respect 
start- / endtime, but others should not.

If anybody could shine me a light on that item, I would appreciate it a lot.

kind regards


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