[TYPO3-english] Workspace Issues

Marco Behnke marco at behnke.biz
Sun Jan 31 11:46:01 CET 2010


for the first time we started working with Typo3 workspaces and 
experienced the first problems

Problem 1)

tt_news sysfolder with hidden news
hidden page as display pid

When I change to draft workspace, edit a news entry and click on save & 
preview, I am redirected to the home page. What must be enabled, setup 
or typoscripted to see a preview of my hidden news on my hidden page?

Problem 2)

If I create a new version of a tt_news entry and swap both entries, 
everything is fine. If I swap them again, all category relations get lost.

Typo3 4.2.10
TT News 2.5.2

Anyone who can help us with these issues?


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