[TYPO3-english] image positioning not working

Katja Lampela katja.lampela at lieska.net
Sat Jan 30 11:06:16 CET 2010

Yes yes yes! This was it - thank you so much Bernd!
Although I still don't know what part of my styling overrided my default 
styles, but have to nest more I guess.
- very grateful Katja :)

bernd wilke kirjoitti:
ernd wilke kirjoitti:
>>> for your mercuri2010.css (line 256):
>>> div.co-n1 div.csc-textpic-center div.csc-textpic-imagewrap
>>> dl.csc-textpic- image { float:none; }
>>> ^^^^^^^^^                                                  ^^^ you have
>>> to be more specific than the css from CSC to override.
>>> bernd
> have you added 'div.co-n1' in the front and the tagname 'dl' for the last 
> class 'dl.csc-textpic-image' ?
> I can't see it. there is just a float:none, which is overriden by CSC.
> These additional tags and class are neccessary to have a higher priority 
> than the CSS from CSC for this tag.
> bernd

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