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On Jan 29, 2010, at 5:32 PM, David Bruchmann wrote:

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> Betreff:    [TYPO3-english] plugin.tt_news.pageTypoLink.target question
>> According to the documents for tt_news 3.0.1 the following should allow my tt_news type "links to external pages" to open a new window:
>> plugin.tt_news {
>>  pageTypoLink.target>
>>   pageTypoLink.target = _blank
>> }
>> however after adding this to my main template setup and/or the template setup for the specific page that my external pages news articles appear I'm not getting the desired results (news loads in the same page - it doesn't spawn a new window).
>> Does anyone have experience with this that might be able to offer some insight as to what I must be missing?
>> regards,
>> doug
> Hi Doug,
> read the manual carefully again:
> "
> Additional typolink configuration for the links to news which are of type “links to internal pages” or type “external link”. With this setting you can override the global settings for targets in your page. Page id/external url parameter is loaded into “current” (TS data array).

I read this part a number of times.  From reading it it seems like this is what I want.  I guess though I don't understand this part "Page id/external url parameter is loaded into “current” (TS data array).".

My news is of type "links to internal pages" and i've configured it to load into a LIST container.  Does the "Page id/external url parameter is loaded into “current” (TS data array)." mean I have further configurations to make?

> This option has no influence on links pointing to normal news records. The target of these links ist configured globally for the whole page.
> "
Yeah, I wouldn't want that anyway (and I do have normal news LIST records on the same page.

thanks for the response,


> Best Regards
> David
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