[TYPO3-english] chnewsfeed 1.0.1 and tt_news 3.0.1: maybe compatibility issue

Georg Ringer mail at ringerge.org
Fri Jan 29 23:21:36 CET 2010


Am 29.01.2010 23:11, schrieb La Farge Douglas:
> Thanks for the update.  It'll help me as well. Just yesterday I was mucking around the database adding category's because of the absence of the categories.

glad to help

> I wonder though - what happens with your update to your extension to 2.5.2 tt_news users?

the new version aquires 3.0.1. if not used there is no sense in updating
chnewsfeed because there is no other change!

> Yours is not the only extension that has this problem with the 3.0.1 upgrade. 

this is always a risk if you require a specific version. extension
authors don't need to be backwards compatible all the time. Of course I
do understand your concerns but sometimes you just don't get B if you
don't say A


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