[TYPO3-english] image positioning not working

Daniel Doesburg daniel at typo3-nl.eu
Fri Jan 29 13:27:35 CET 2010

Hi Katja,

For some reason all images are nested one in the other.
But thia is the problem:
<dl style="width: 68px;" class="csc-textpic-image csc-textpic-firstcol 

I only don't know why and where the width of 68px is coming from/

May be this helps you.

Kind regards,


Op 29-1-2010 8:42, Katja Lampela schreef:
> Hi Daniel,
> At this address: http://mercuri.lieska.fi/test
> the logos in left column are left aligned (...in my different browser
> they are at least)
> If you tried the http://mercuri.lieska.fi then they are centered since I
> used rte there to align images as a workaround.
> But in the test page they are aligned with the standard image content
> element positioning.
> Daniel Doesburg kirjoitti:
>> I don't understand your problem. All logo's are nicely centered. And
>> if I change the text-align to "right" they are lined out right as it
>> should be.
>> To see it clearly change in mercuri2010.css (line 62)
>> #vasen {
>> width:360px;
>> }
>> Or did you mean something totally different?
>> Kind regards,
>> Daniel

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