[TYPO3-english] TMENU IFSUBSUB - Special action if menu-item has Sub-Sub Pages

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at xetpoint.fi
Thu Jan 28 17:28:55 CET 2010

Ansgar Brauner kirjoitti:
> Christopher Torgalson schrieb:
>>> I have to build a TMENU with ul and li elements this menu should look
>>> different if there is a third menu level.
>>> So the 1st AND 2nd Level needs to look different if there is a third level.
>> It does sound tricky. A few questions:
>> 1. Do menu items with just two levels look the same as menu items with
>> three levels?
>> 2. Do the menu items with three levels only look different when they
>> are expanded? (or is your menu always expanded?)
> Hi,
> 1. the menu item in the 2nd Level looks different if there is a 3rd level.
> 2. The Menu is based on css and lists. Its always expanded. CSS is doing
> the trick of expanding it on mouseover.


you must build the functionality yourself - create a loop and check 
'pid' values of pages, if the page has several level ancestor pages.

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