[TYPO3-english] Create a typolink, and preserve all GET vars...

Andrew Plank plankmeister_NO at SPAM_hotmail.com
Wed Jan 27 15:48:44 CET 2010

Hi TS experts!

I'm in a situation where I have a toolbar at the top of the page, in 
which is a link to the login page. This link is made using the following:

30 = TEXT
30.value = Login
30.typolink.parameter = 18

which works. However, if I'm browsing products/categories of my 
tt_products installation, and I click the login link, the tt_products[] 
GET vars of course disappear. So... in the typolink I'd like to be able 
to add additionalParams of ALL the get params. I've figured out this much:

30 = TEXT
30.value = Login
30.typolink.parameter = 18
30.typolink.additionalParameters.data = GPvar:tt_products|cat

But this isn't what I want at all... I want the additionalParams to end 
up containing ALL the get params in the current request. Cache is turned 
off anyway, so that's not going to be a problem... And yes, I know about 
the performance issues, but I'm experiencing caching issues with a 
couple of extensions that work with tt_products, and it's not by any 
means going to be a "busy" site, so please, save the cache criticisms :)


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