[TYPO3-english] Saving pages in BE locks complete database

Christopher Lörken lists at bytro.com
Wed Jan 27 12:43:17 CET 2010

Am 12.01.2010 16:30, schrieb Peter Russ:

> Please enable also slow queries log in Mysql as there might be other
> queries stopping the system.
> Peter.

Ok, I've enabled the slow query log and it just happened again. I've 
extracted the time frame in question and attached the
"mysqldumpslow -l" (-l == "don't subtract lock time from total time")
of that part of the log.

In this case, the longest taking query is definitely this one:
Count: 1  Time=876.00s (876s)  Lock=0.00s (0s)  Rows=0.0 (0), 
   UPDATE pages

Which, given that I did the magical alter pages to InnoDB, should never 
ever take that long should it? An update of a single primary key 
referenced row in an InnoDB table. And the accessed page is a seldomly 
accessed one so I don't even think that it got accessed during the 
timeframe in question.

Some notes on what we did exactly before this problem occured:

I manually cleared the large cache tables in case we would get the slow 
DELETE * FROM ... queries from the page update
-> truncate table cache_hash;
-> truncate table cache_pages;

2) We logged in to the backend and changed a standard tt_content text 
element (which has a translation into a second language) and pressed 
--> The browser never returned from "saving" since the database locked.

3) After about 5 Minutes, I stopped apache and a couple of minutes 
later, the db was cleared up and running again.

What I furthermore find interesting is, that saving just after something 
like that happened does too take some time, but tends to not lock the 
database. The same update with sys_lastchanged query took (when saving 
the same page 20 minutes later) 15 seconds.
Still too long but at least not locking.

Does anyone get any insight from this information?

Thanks a lot,


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