[TYPO3-english] TypoScript - changed the link-look, but doesn't work within list elements

bob wild rowild at gmx.net
Wed Jan 27 08:39:14 CET 2010

Hi, list,

I posted this request already in the German section, but since it is 
quite urgent, I also try to look for an answer here. Please forgive this 
double posting!

The layout of a website requires that all links look like this:

|here is the link|

... a pole at the beginning and at the ending of the the linked word.

To do this I added this little TS (a csc override=:

tt_content.text.20.parseFunc.tags.link.typolink.wrap = <span 
class="red">&#x007c;</span> | <span class="red">&#x007c;</span>

It works quite well, except within list elements. And I have no idea 
why. Can anybody please give a hint where to look and/or what to change? 
I really quite lost!

Thanks in advance!

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