[TYPO3-english] Alternative page rendering using tx_templavoila_pi1->main_record

Andre Dittmar typo3 at hotbytes.de
Mon Jan 25 20:12:52 CET 2010

Dear List,

For special pages I want to render only the pure content without any  
other HTML. The result should contain all content elements of the  
given page.
I already tried to use a special method of templavoila, but  
unfortunately it doesn't work so far. Perpaps anyone else had tried  
similiar before, this is my alternative page rendering so far.

page.10 >
page.10 = CONTENT
page.10 {
   table = tt_content
   select {
     pidInList = this
     where = hidden=0 AND deleted=0
     orderBy = sorting
   renderObj = USER
   renderObj {
     userFunc = tx_templavoila_pi1->main_record
     ds = 10
     to = 11
     table = tt_content

I only get a empty result. The DS contain only one field with the  
default Typoscript for rendering the content elements:

10.source.current = 1
10.tables = tt_content

If I add enter something like:

10 >
10 = TEXT
10.value = This is my test!
10.wrap = <p>|</p>

I get this text as often as I have content elements on this page, so  
partly it seems to work :-) Anyway, there must be somewhere an error.  
Maybe anybody can confirm, that this method is still working and  
probably somebody has used it before? I havn't found any information  
about this on google, the mailinglist or somewhere else... Perpaps  
somebody as a alternative idea how to solve this?

Thanks for support or any clue...
Best regards,

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