[TYPO3-english] Backend problem after upgrade to 4.3.1

Jigal van Hemert jigal at xs4all.nl
Mon Jan 25 12:30:52 CET 2010

Johnny Chiang Kejs wrote:
> I've also tried to:
> - clear typo3temp.
> - claer browser cache.
> - pres shift F5 after login to the backend.
> - look in the apache error log. There's nothing.

To really clean things up try to:
- empty the cache_* tables in the database (cache_extensions contains 
the list of extensions in TER, so you can leave that one alone)
- clear typo3temp and its subdirectories
- remove the temp_CACHED_* files from the typo3conf folder
Maybe you can perform the previous steps from outside the TYPO3 
environment (from a control interface of your hosting package / command 
line / etc.)
- after those steps clear the browser cache and login to the TYPO3 backend

Now the site may be a bit slow because all the data has to be recreated 
which is normally cached, but if the installation of 4.3.x was done 
correctly it should look like TYPO3 4.3.x...

Regards, Jigal.

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