[TYPO3-english] fresh install

Philipp Gampe phil at philippgampe.info
Mon Jan 25 08:26:43 CET 2010

Am 25.01.2010, 01:05 Uhr, schrieb Mark Smith  
<typo3org at awayand.sleepmail.com>:

>> Open the Install tool (www.yoursite.com/typo3/install), choose Database
>> Analyser and Import the typo3conf/database.sql. Then all necessary
>> tables should be created and the standard BE-user admin with password is
>> created.
> Thanks for the helpful advice. I overlooked the import link on the db
> analyzer. However, when I click it, I only get this:
> Import SQL dump:
> Select tables to import
> This is an overview of the CREATE TABLE definitions in the SQL file.
> Select which tables you want to dump to the database. Any table you
> choose dump to the database is dropped from the database first, so
> you'll lose all data in existing tables.
> 	static_template                 Rows: 61
> 	static_tsconfig_help            Rows: 117
> Import the whole file 'CURRENT_STATIC' directly (ignores selections
> above)
> So I tried importing directly using mysql command line interface, but
> upon looking for the sql file you mentioned in the shell, surprise,
> there is no database.sql in the typo3conf/ directory.

there never was any ....

"The SQL-files are selected from typo3conf/ (here you can put your own)  
and t3lib/stddb/ (TYPO3 distribution). The SQL-files should be made by the  
mysqldump tool or at least be formatted like that tool would do."

so you can go to t3lib/stddb/ and use the tables.sql file their to import  
your data via mysql command line

Best regards

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