[TYPO3-english] urgent minijob - realurl/multidomain/multilanguage/singletree

G.Unger skyfreak1 at gmx.net
Fri Jan 22 12:13:13 CET 2010

hello list

I posted the job-enquiry on the job list, and I know that crossposting 
is not really nice, but as the task needs to be done by monday and I am 
not sure that all of you are as well folling the job list, I want to 
post the detauls here as well:

hello list

I have setup a typo3 4.2.10 with realurl/multidomain/multilanguage/singletree.
a.t.m. a classic realurl setup is working:

- domain.com and domain.de point to the same webroot
- realurl workz with the language parameter after the domain
  domain.com leads to domain.com/en/...
  domain.de leads to domain.com/de/...
  including languageswitch

as described by dmitry in his blog 

domain.com to lead directly to the english version and domain.de to the 
german version without the additional prevar en/de and without breaking 
the 1:1 relation in languageswitch.

I tried for 2 days now to get this running without success.

the page is ready to be launched, despite of this last issue.
the job needs immediate hands on and should be resolved over the weekend!

anybody how is interested and has experience how to set up the realurl 
conf please contact me a.s.a.p.

thx and regards,

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