[TYPO3-english] indexed_search and _DEFAULT_PI_VARS.sections

Philipp philipp at cron-it.de
Thu Jan 21 11:12:44 CET 2010


i'd like to provide different indexed_searches for different parts of my 
website. the structure would be:

+ globe
   + part A
     + part B (id 453)
     + part C (id 554)
     + part D (id 756)
   + part E

using the search form in part A should lead to result including part A 
(including B and C, but NOT D). how do i exclude specific subtrees from 
being search? since i'd like to use indexed_search in part D (limited to 
pages in part D) as well, i cannot disable the indexing by setting 
page.config.index_enable to 0.

i thought setting the _DEFAULT_PI_VARS.sections for part A to "rl2_453, 
rl2_554" and for part D to "rl2_756" would solve my problem. but as it 
turns out .sections doesn't work with lists even though it's called 
sections and not just section.

any ideas?

thanks for your time, philipp

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