[TYPO3-english] Send mail true FORM Object with Typoscript not working

Idar Creative mail at idar.nl
Thu Jan 21 11:11:19 CET 2010

Great! Thank you.

We've thought about that solution, but then we've encoutered another 

We want to add the following parameters to the FORM object
temp.callback.params.input = onblur="restoreBox(this);" 

But since we changed the object to RECORDS  (lib.callback  = RECORDS) as you 
We cannot add this parameters.

Is there a way to do that? Just for that specific object/ record!

PS: We can add this for all the forms in "tt_content.mailform.20", but we 
prefer not to that, because there are more forms on the website.

Kind regards,


"JoH asenau" <info at cybercraft.de> schreef in bericht 
news:mailman.1.1264007461.2666.typo3-english at lists.typo3.org...
>> We want to create a simple "call me" mailform with/in Typoscript,
>> where customers can enter their phone number and submit.
>> We've created a simple Typoscript object but the mail is NOT send!
>> #page.10 < temp.callback
>> lib.callback >
>> lib.callback  < temp.callback
>> #------------test script end  ------------
>> 4 issues to keep in mind when writing an answer!
>> 1) test mail in Install mode works!
>> 2) A normal mailform as Content Element  in a page works also!
> Should be working with the settings you mention later.
>> 3)  The objects works fine when I attach the Temp Typoscript Object to
>> "page.10" (see example above)
> Which it should not due to secureFormmail setting.
>> How can get this FORM working without major security issues  :)
>> - Both Formmail security :  [FE][strictFormmail] = 1 and
>> [FE][secureFormmail] = 1 needs to stay like ON!
> [strictFormmail] Boolean. If set, the internal "formmail" feature in TYPO3
> will send mail ONLY to recipients which has been encoded by the system
> itself. This protects against spammers misusing the formmailer.
> [secureFormmail] Boolean. If set, the internal "formmail" feature in TYPO3
> will send mail ONLY to the recipients that are defined in the form CE
> record. This protects against spammers misusing the formmailer.
> According to the install tool, it should not work at all, if you really 
> want
> to keep BOTH settings AND want to create the form by TypoScript. The only
> way I can think of is to create a "real" Form CE and then assign this to
> your TypoScript Template via RECORDS:
> temp.blah = RECORDS
> temp.blah {
>    source = 123
>    tables = tt_content
> }
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