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Peter Russ peter.russ at 4many.net
Thu Jan 21 00:39:17 CET 2010

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> Hi all,
> last week we launched a new typo3 site:
> http://www.skinandallergynews.com/
> the client is really happy so far with Typo3.
> Anyway... I have a question regarding the menu.
> The above site doesn't use TemplaVoila (we started development on it before we changed to TV). We have a couple more sites we're getting ready to launch that do use TV and the problem we're running into is that javascript based menu as seen in the site above is buggy in IE.  So I'm looking for alternatives.
> There are some nice CSS based menu systems out there - freecssdropdownmenu is one I found that easily integrates with typo3. The problem I ran into with this CSS menu is I can't configure the menu to be 950px wide very easily (as with the javascript menu used on the skin and allergy site).
> So I'm looking for suggestions on other ways to generate our menu.
> regards,
> doug

Use the item number to render into the class e.g. <li class="menuitem 
m1">...</li>...<li class="menuitem mx">...</li>

By doing this you can style each menuitem by css individually.
Is this what you are looking for?

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