[TYPO3-english] Power Extension Manager: paypal buttons in backend

Ries van Twisk typo3 at rvt.dds.nl
Wed Jan 20 14:01:16 CET 2010

On Jan 20, 2010, at 7:38 AM, Denyerec wrote:

> On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 12:12:10 -0000, Georg Ringer <news at ringerge.org>  
> wrote:
>> Maybe it would leed to more extensions you need to really buy and get
>> them with more features and less ads.
>> Really: How much did you ever pay to get TYPO3 and its extensions  
>> from
>> TER? Nothing, cero, null!
> Whilst paying for features seems to go against the 'mission  
> statement' of TYPO3, I certainly think that there should be some way  
> to allow extension authors to put an easy method for donations  
> somewhere, and in the extension manager (Most people's contact with  
> the extension) seems like a decent place. Another place would be to  
> have a "Donate" or "Sponsor" link on the Typo3.org extension search  
> page perhaps?
> Sure, I could go ahead and look up the extension author  
> independently, seek out his details, email him and arrange for a  
> transfer of some donation, but it'd be a lot more straightforward to  
> just have a link right there. If the mechanism to sponsor/donate is  
> easy to access, then the people who provide a huge amount of input  
> to the extension community such as (but of course by no means  
> limited to!) the likes of Georg, KraftB, PMK, Dmitry, Rupert, Jochen  
> etc, might stand to reap just a little charitable fruit from their  
> admirable labours.
> Of course, keeping it focussed and making sure it doesn't turn into  
> some corporate advertisement banner soup will be a challenge.
> Just my thoughts.
> Den


one problem is monitoring TER. IF you have an iPhone, and follow a bit  
what happens in the App store is that a lot of people tend to create  
duplicated of duplicated of software, so they get the highest amouth  
of income. Examples are a single app that shows 10 pictures of a  
celeb, then a other app that shows 10 pictures of a other, and so  
on... and so on. Lot's of duplicated.

This is even more simple with GPL software because you are allowed to  
fork it and re-release it (als long as you leave copyright in tact).  
so I could just create an extension rvt_tt_news and voila, I have  
(some) of my income settled!!!
As long as I leave copy right in tact, I am allowed to do this  
according to GPL.

So.... I like they idea to have some paypal buttons somewhere, but  
there is the problem of mis-use that needs to be solved.


			regards, Ries van Twisk

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