[TYPO3-english] RealUrl - Multi Domain Single Tree - Language Menu Problem

Stefan Isak stefanisak at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 20 13:13:28 CET 2010


using RealUrl 1.7.0 and TYPO3 4.3.1 in a single tree multi domain  
setup, leaves a problem concerning the language menu I can't solve yet.

What I did:
RealUrl setup for separate language domains as it is described by  
Dmitry: http://dmitry-dulepov.com/article/realurl-separate-language-domains-in-an-easy-way.html

So far everything works quiet well:

Using the language menu to switch from one language to another, the  
page path part remains untranslated.
E.g. I am on the site deutsch.de/ueber-uns/kontakt/ and want to switch  
to english, the resulting url is english.com/ueber-uns/kontakt/  
instead of english.com/about-us/contact/

Here is the TS for the language menu:

    temp.language = HMENU

      special = language
      special.value = 0,1
      special.normalWhenNoLanguage = 0

      wrap =<ul> | </ul>

      1 = TMENU
      1 {
        NO = 1
        NO {
          linkWrap =<li>|</li>
          stdWrap.override = [de] || [en]
          doNotLinkIt = 1
          stdWrap.typolink.parameter.data = page:uid
          stdWrap.typolink.additionalParams = &L=0 || &L=1
          stdWrap.typolink.addQueryString = 1
          stdWrap.typolink.addQueryString.exclude = id,cHash,no_cache
          stdWrap.typolink.addQueryString.method = GET
          stdWrap.typolink.useCacheHash = 0
          stdWrap.typolink.no_cache = 0

Any suggestions to solve this?


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