[TYPO3-english] RealURL - Exclude From Speaking URL Option - Am I misunderstanding?

Denyerec denyerec at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 11:35:31 CET 2010

On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 10:05:47 -0000, Dmitry Dulepov  
<dmitry.dulepov+t3ml at gmail.com> wrote:

> Did you remove *all* entries page path?
> You can report a bug but I have no idea when I will have time to look at  
> it.

Hey Dmitry,
Yes, the caches were cleared out. Provito took a look at the BE too just  
to make sure that I wasn't being foolish but couldn't offer a solution.  
The odd thing is that he reports not having the same problem on his own  
sites, which run the same versions of TYPO3(4.3.0) and RealURL(1.7.0)

KraftB suggested that in the rootline lookup the exclude-from-path option  
is being ignored. When I get home today I will take a look at the source  
code and see if I can pinpoint where this option is being referenced. It's  
doubtful that I would be able to fix it myself unless it's a glaringly  
obvious issue, but it might help people to know where to look for a  

Kind regards,


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