[TYPO3-english] RealURL - Exclude From Speaking URL Option - Am I misunderstanding?

Denyer Ec denyerec at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 01:02:19 CET 2010

>> As is almost always the way for me, my problem exists between the
>> chair and the keyboard :)

It appears I spoke too soon.


Web>Info>Speaking Url Management>Path to ID Mapping> Click dustbin at
top of list, confirm.
Web>Info>Speaking Url Management>Encode Cache> Click dustbin at top of
list, confirm.
Web>Info>Speaking Url Management>Decode Cache>Click dustbin at top of
list, confirm.
Typo3 Toolbar>Clear Cache> Clear page content cache
Typo3 Toolbar>Clear Cache> Clear configuration cache
Typo3 Toolbar>Clear Cache> Clear all caches

Load frontpage of www.domain.com in browser (A completely different
browser, so no logged in sessions to interfere etc.)

Main menu link shows:


I click on this link, the top level items in the submenu which is
displayed on the inner page read:


However, when I hover on the subcategories, I see:



Switching back to the browser which is logged in as admin, I check the
Path-to-ID-Mapping panel in the Info module. I see the "Category1"
level pages with the correct paths, but the "Subcategory" pages
include the "Product-range" page in their path, which I have selected
as described to be excluded from the speaking URL!

So, I delete the pagepath from the cache for a single subcategory
page, then visit its URL directly, manually omitting the section I do
not want as follows:


The page loads successfully, however I see that my site menu links all
still include "product-range". Checking the Decode cache, the stored
URL is shown as "/category1/subcategory/" but the ID-Path-Mapping
shows "product-range/category1/subcategory/"

Why would "Exclude from speaking URL only appear to work for the level
immediately below? I'm rather confused, and with the site now live I
am eager to resolve it before Google gets too carried away caching
incorrect lengthy URLs.

Kind regards,
A very confused Denyerec


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