[TYPO3-english] t3blog and typo3 4.3

Ulrich Lorenz PHZ Luzern lorenz.ulrich at phz.ch
Mon Jan 18 17:05:42 CET 2010

Hi Dmitry

Thanks for your helpful information. Do you have an update on when the
new version will be released? I'm slowly "walking" into problems not
being able to use it on 4.3.


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> Hi!
> On 05/01/2010 23:55, Ulrich Lorenz PHZ Luzern wrote:
> > Thanks about the news concerning T3BLOG and 4.3. As I'm installing
> and configuring a T3BLOG these days I'm interested in knowing if the
> way to configure/customize T3BLOG by typoscript will be the same in
> new version? Or is it a waste of time to work with the old version
> I am not sure but I think there will be no new features, no
> functionality change. Only code fixes and 4.3 compatibility update. As
> far as I can see, everything is configured via TS.
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