[TYPO3-english] Mnogosearch how to capture full body content in an object or variable?

Yomo Guiamo yomo.diplur at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 20:40:35 CET 2010


Is it possible to capture the full body content of a parsed PDF document 
in an object or a variable?

I tried the following, but noticed that only a small part of the body 
was stored in my variable.

(extension of class.tx_mnogosearch_model_results.php)

First I initialized a body variable, like this: 	
var $body = '';				// The whole body

After that I tried to get the complete body of my parsed PDF documents 
(mnogosearch uses pdftotext or pdftohtml to parse PDF documents. Don't 
remember anymore which one of these two it really uses).

$result->body = Udm_Get_Res_Field($res, $i, UDM_FIELD_TEXT);


only shows a small portion of my parsed PDF document (33 characters to 
be exact with some strange characters). My PDF document contains at 
least(!) 1000 chars (2 A4 papers full).

Do I have to increase some default value in mnogosearch itself or is 
there some other way to fetch the body contents, maybe with the new 
Udm_Get_Res_Field_ex method? Notice the letters 'ex' at the end.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,
Yomo Guiamo

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