[TYPO3-english] apache bench mark tool over flooded typo3 site

Jan Slusarczyk janslu at grupaiis.pl
Wed Jan 13 04:52:54 CET 2010

On 12/01/10 09:08, J. Bakshi wrote:
> Hello list,
> Today I was testing my apache server with "ab" command aka apache
> benchmarking tool.  I have found though it is a useful tool to check
> apache performance ; specially if you install eAccelerator ; but in a
> wrong hand it is very dangerous.  It creates a huge page call and bottle
> neck the target apache.  During the check typo3 reports "database
> connection error" !!!.  I have used
> I have applied two possible solution which prevents the ab successfully
> 1] at .htaccess
> 2]  Directly in apache through httpd.conf
> Please inform if there is any other/better technique.

it all depends on what you want to achieve. ab is a tool to generate 
multiple connections for a specific server to test it's performance. 
Basically it acts like many browsers trying to open a specific url. It 
resembles a DOS attack.
As for protecting against it - if you only want to prevent people using 
ab from overloading your stuff - what you did is enough. But if you want 
to prevent a more general attack, then you should protect yourself from 
DDOS rather and not rely on client identification string. And that's no 
easy task.
If your goal is to increase the number of people that can successfully 
open your website, then you need to look deeper into typo3 performance. 
Start with webserver (nginx?) and mysql optimizations and look into 
coa_go, evo_nginx_boost, 4.3 caching framework etc. The problem is that 
there's always a ceiling. No matter what you do, there's always a 
maximum number of users you can send your content to in a specified time.
Seems like you're on a start of an interesting journey, aren't you?


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