[TYPO3-english] odd / even classes for every second record

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Tue Jan 12 17:47:52 CET 2010

>> Just for the current versions of the browsers
>>> nth-child()
>> IE8 => NO
>> Safari 4 => Incorrect
>> Chrome 2 => Incorrect
>> Opera 10 => Incorrect
> Given that I tested locally in those browsers prior to posting, I
> think the Quirksmode table is perhaps a little behind current.

According to the notice they made for "nth-child()" Quirksmode did some more
testing than just using the selectors in HTML/CSS.
After all they have to be working after assigning selectors and/or elements
dynamically, especially in times of heavily used JavaScript frameworks, and
this is what failed for all browsers marked as "incorrect".

BTW: All this selector stuff works perfectly with XSLT, so maybe it's worth
thinking about a combination of X(HT)ML/XSLT as an abstraction layer instead
of using CSS only. This way you could easily implement nth-child or even/odd
behaviour even for IE5 without having to use weird TypoScript constructs.

Just another 2 cents


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