[TYPO3-english] yafi question

La Farge Douglas doug at gcnpublishing.com
Mon Jan 11 20:59:34 CET 2010


I was having a problem importing an RSS feed with 
> xml_ttnews_import
> and
> rss2_import

Oliver Rowlands from this list suggested I try EXT: yafi.

I've run into a couple issues with it.

First issue is it looks as though it isn't entirely compatible with tt_news 3.0.1

When I go to "Create new feed importer configuration"  I am not presented (screenshots) with the tt_news category windows as shown in the yafi Readme.

i've installed this extension on a site with tt_news 2.5 and the category selection box is shown.  I installed it on three sites with tt_news 3.0 and they all do the same - no categories.

All Typo3 versions I'm using are 4.2.10.

The second problem I ran into is when I do an import it doesn't put the new tt_news records in the storage folder I configure. It puts them in PID 0 - the root of the website. This behaviour happens with tt_news 2.5 and 3.0.

I've read through the documentation for the extension three times now. It's very simple and well done. Was there perhaps a step left out?  I looked at the yafi table in the database and the storage folder pid is set correctly for the record.  Why would it not be putting it in the proper place.

I can live without being able to categorize records - having them shoved into PID 0 is a bit of a deal breaker.

at least it parses my RSS feed that the other extensions don't!  ;-)


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