[TYPO3-english] PREVIEW access-restricted pages

Bernard Munslow bernard.munslow at iws.es
Mon Jan 11 15:42:25 CET 2010

Peter Niederlag escribió:
> Hello,
> Bernard Munslow schrieb:
>> Hi guys!
> [...]
>> Can someone shed some light on this regard?
> Best advice: use the adminPanel in the FE and use the settings in there
> for previewing.
> Preview works only with user-groups! data of an individual user will NOT
> be avilable in preview-mode!
> whenever you go to a special id/page(clickmenu from BE or by putting in
> an id in the URL), while being logged into the BE I think the preview
> will be triggered, regardsless of the settings in the adminPanel.
> Solution: just use regular menus and adminPanel preview-settings.
> Everything is working nicely then.
> hth,
> Peter

Thank you very much for you advice Peter.  I appreciate it.  I'll put it 
into practice.

In any case, it's not that there are no workarounds for this problem. 
What troubles me is to be working normally on a project and start 
experiencing this behaviour all of a sudden with no apparent reason.

Thank you for your tips anyway.

.- Bernard

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