[TYPO3-english] Visitor tracking

mario m at mariochiari.net
Sat Jan 9 12:32:13 CET 2010

Il giorno ven, 08/01/2010 alle 16.55 +0100, Philipp Gampe ha scritto:
> Am 08.01.2010, 15:18 Uhr, schrieb mario <m at mariochiari.net>:
> >
> ics_awstats together with TYPO3 writing apache style log files
> this works fine for me :)
On my laptop,  typo3 4.2.8., Linux, within
my LAN, it works very nice. Thanks very much.

Unfortunately, I need to use it on a typo3 4.1.10, and an old server,
Linux 2.6.9-1.667, Fedora Core release 3 (Heidelberg). Over there I am
not even able to install the extension (if I try, I get a blank frame)
Why? Should I give up? Anything I can try?

A related questions. For just FE login, is there any extension which
offers a tracking system of who logs in from which IP? I know Login User
Tracking, but I do not see how to keep track of IP.

my best wishes 

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