[TYPO3-english] Page browser

Tyler Kraft tyler.kraft at netefficiency.co.uk
Fri Jan 8 17:00:43 CET 2010


> No,
> it is designed as in (include-) extension for a Main-Extension,
> this is written in the manual and it did take a while,
> to realize the idea and the concept for this kind of solution

Yeah I read that, and it's great for that but sometimes a whole 
extension is a bit overkill when a TS select will do fine. Which is why 
I asked if it could be used outside of an extension.

> otherwise look for cag_pagebrowser, this works fine standalone
Perhaps for some situations this would be fine, except that I'm not 
generating a list of pages. I want it to paginate the results from a 
select TS query.

Thanks for your help though. If anyone else has any ideas/suggestions on 
how I can use the browse extension outside of another extension please 
let me know.


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