[TYPO3-english] No CSS with pdf_generator2

Redvald Hjulstad redvald at hjulstad.no
Fri Jan 8 15:45:28 CET 2010

I try to use pdf_generator2 to make downloadable versions of detail 
views from tt_news.

I use this ts to create a download link:

plugin.tt_news.genericmarkers.PDF = TEXT
plugin.tt_news.genericmarkers.PDF.value = <br />Download ship data as PDF
plugin.tt_news.genericmarkers.PDF.postUserFunc = tx_pdfgenerator2->makePdfLink
plugin.tt_news.genericmarkers.PDF.postUserFunc.target = _blank
#plugin.tt_news.genericmarkers.PDF.postUserFunc.include_post_vars = 1

It worsk almost as I want, but the output is not fotmatted with css. As 
I understand it it should take the css from the page (screen) and use 
it in the PDF as screen is default selectet as the css to use for 
generation PDF.

Any suggestions of what I can do to make the css styling into the PDF?

- Redvald

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